The Art of Songwriting Meets Dominique De Beau


The sonic evolution inherent in Dominique De Beau’s songwriting stems from the tradition of hit makers and key players in the new school hybrid of R&B, pop and hip-hop. Her sultry vocalizing is at once a throwback to a smoky sixties Motown sound and an up-to-the-moment take on today’s hip-hop vibe; Dominique’s bold sound and youthful rhymes are as sleek as they are explosive. Her music not only encompasses a multitude of genres, but knows no racial or regional divides.


“I love writing and co-writing,” Dominique explains. “I love the art of songwriting, melodies with fresh lyrics.”


Born and raised in the city of Liverpool – the internationally recognized “City of Pop” and the place that gave the world the Beatles – it’s unsurprising that Dominique fastened her sights on the world of entertainment from an early age.


“I love having music in my life; it brings me so much pleasure and joy,” she says of her work. “I will never stop doing what I do. I always tell people to follow their dreams. Believe in yourself and others will too.” Inspired by the classic Motown sound that has long fanned the flames of her musical aspirations, Dominique De Beau is setting her sights on the world spotlight with her ambitious collection of pulsating tracks. A true multifaceted artist, Dominique’s musical moods fully span both club-inspired, bass-driven numbers and sexy relationship songs. Already her music has garnered attention from a Chicago radio station, and fans have begun making themselves known even outside the UK, in places as diverse as Philly and Texas. “Break It Down,” a track written and performed by Dominique, caught the attention of an American independent film director and was recently selected to appear in his movie.


The stunning Miss De Beau first stepped into the world of music as a five-year-old in her school choir, and by the age of nine she’d already seen much of her homeland, touring under the moniker Our Ladies. During that time Dominique made some of her first television appearances as part of the group, on the Six O’clock News and on Granada Tonight.


The next few years saw the songstress develop her unique urban style, and when she wasn’t in the studio, Dominique’s multiple talents and alluring personality helped open doors in various divisions of the entertainment industry.


At age 18, she relocated to London to join a band and it was here her charismatic gifts attracted the attentions of Grammy-winning producer Narada Michael Walden, known for his work with Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and the legendary Aretha Franklin.


Dominique went on to explore her talents in San Francisco and LA, and during this time her band performed alongside a number of established artists. The singer eventually returned home to Liverpool, where she began funneling her inimitable style into a debut solo album. The collection of songs draws from Dominique’s vast musical experiences as well as her personal ones, and sees the songwriter collaborate with producers from the UK to the USA – including Jack Knight, whose roster includes Biggie, Diddy and Faith Evans; hit songwriter K.Ellis who worked with Day 26 and MTV’s Making the Band; and LT Moe, who has collaborated with hitmakers Ludacris and Chingy.


Blessed with uncommon musical talents to match her startling beauty, Dominique De Beau looks to be one of the brightest stars in the industry – already she has made it a priority to embrace every opportunity that knocks, and she can hardly wait to share her personal brand of pop with music lovers the world over.